10Oct 2014

You just landed on our new website and you are probably just as excited as we are. Don’t worry, everything you came to JohnMayeCompany.com for is still here, it just looks a little different. We also added a newsletter subscribe button (see it at the bottom / footer of the website) that will be a great […]

18Nov 2016

Have you noticed so many products today are neatly sealed in plastic? There are no staples or other materials needed for packaging. This is possible due to shrink wrapping machine technology and it can do wonders for many businesses today. What is this technology and how can your business benefit from it? Let’s look a […]

19Jan 2017

High tech poly films have revolutionized the packaging industry—they’re able to create a water-proof package and stabilize an entire pallet of cartons or materials. However, some people still think there is no difference between shrink wrapping and stretch wrapping machine technology. This confusion sometimes even causes a misorder of materials. The main reason these two […]

28Feb 2017

At John Maye Company, we work with many startup companies in the process of developing and installing packaging systems that need to handle a variety of different types of cartons and materials. While many of these companies are in the food production sector, we work with companies that package a wide variety of other products […]

23Jun 2017

If your warehouse system includes moving basic items through your conveyor belt system to the packaging department, safe improvements to increase speed should be considered to help increase production. One safe, yet efficient option is to implement case erectors, as they rapidly reduce the time that is required to prepare boxes for finished goods. Making […]

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